Why we exist?

Suraj, a 15-year-old at Slam Out Loud, is a recognized artist and TEDx Speaker.

Apart from performing to a cumulative audience of more than 15,000 across nationwide platforms, he has had the skills to negotiate change, use creative expression to dream bigger and create his future.

Suraj’s background brings us face to face with the questions of power and privilege. However, his story isn’t that of disempowerment, but hope, of finding his own voice.

This is not true for most children in India. Due to a lack of engaging opportunities that build in them life relevant skills and Socio Emotional Learning (SEL), children, especially in disadvantaged communities are disempowered to harness their voices to break the cycle of negative outcomes.

The Problem

Slam Out Loud is a for-mission, non-profit that uses the transformative power of performance and visual arts to help build Creative Confidence (life) skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy in children from disadvantaged communities.

How does Slam Out Loud define Creative Confidence?

A combination of six 21st century and Socio Emotional Learning skills including Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Self-Esteem and Empathy.

Head here to know more about our programs: The Jijivisha Fellowship, Voice For All and our response to COVID-19, Arts For All

*in a progressive state like Delhi in India