Every individual will
have a voice that
empowers them to
change lives.

"It is not necessary for me to tell you what I like or dislike but it upsets me when someone's voice is oppressed." - Suraj

"There are poets filled with poems and yet something is missing." - Jyoti

"मानती हूँ कि ज़िन्दगी उतनी आसान नहीं पर फिर भी हसीन है" - Sakshi

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Slam Out Loud, registered as a section 8 company under the name Foundation of Arts for Social Change in India is for mission non profit that deeply believes that something as fundamental as finding our voice, being able to express ourselves should not be limited to a privileged class. Our work uses the transformational power of the arts to empower disadvantaged children with a voice.

Because of the lack of relevant and engaging opportunities that empower them with agency and voice, 444 million children in India are disempowered to break the cycles of negative outcomes.

India ranks 99th in the Global Creativity Index of 139 nations

"Our voice is not a crime, We are here to shine" - Abbas

The Jijivisha Fellowship

The Jijivisha Fellowship brings professional artists to learning spaces on a leadership-development journey. Through the art forms of poetry, storytelling, theatre and visual arts, the artists build in children Socio-Emotional learning and life- relevant skills and in turn become lifelong leaders for social change through arts.
Impact so far: 68 Fellows, 100 Artist Volunteers, 38 Communities, 6500+ children
To know more about the fellowship, Click here.

The Voice Project

Through the Voice Project, exceptional artists create a contextual and rigorous art program to enable children to solve local challenges in budget private and government schools. The sessions are facilitated weekly, leading to an end-of-program showcase for the children to display their learning on a wider platform.
Impact so far: 2 communities, 600 children

"Come and see the changing world, More kind and clean, a healthy world More responsible, Which can turn impossible to the possible, Am I audible? Don't you think? The real world is horrible And terrible, sorry but this is the truth, But not in my world, There is happiness and naughtiness and prettiness and every person is the happiest Are you coming? Then follow me." - Abbas, 15

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